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The first place any great thing can begin is within. I believe that fitted with the right tools, anyone places himself in the position to accomplish momentous things. This is the spirit and objective of my brand; to help people mould compelling visions of their future and guide them to put plans in place to enable their ideas come into fruition.

It’s not all grit and sweat. I am ultimately striving toward a culture of people that value the power of conviction and also recognise the importance of balance, so they can go after their goals while living a full life. That, for me, is winning at life.

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#MakeWeGo is a series of lessons and challenges designed for the specific needs of Ghanaian business owners.

Whether they are just starting out or they have been in business for some time, the content on the platform is made to help them grow. Every month there is a chance for participants to receive some sort of investment, all leading up to the final investment for the top three businesses in the program: $5,000 capital as well as mentorship and and incubation period.

The Plan of Action

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After years of research, interviews, and using myself as the crash test dummy, I have developed a framework that is required to achieve greatness and fulfillment.

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I’m available for talks, seminars, and any opportunity to encourage growth in Ghana through mentoring and consulting future leaders. I would also love to get in touch if you are interested in investing in Ghanaian businesses through my #MakeWeGo program. Let’s talk.

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